Builders Seeing Higher Insurance Rates

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In the ever-evolving realm of construction and development, challenges seem to emerge from every corner. Beyond the well-discussed factors like supply chain disruptions, soaring lumber prices, and increasing labor costs, there’s another formidable adversary on the horizon: insurance. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the escalating expenses tied to insurance and the various facets builders need to consider.

The Landscape of Construction Insurance

Builders and general contractors navigate a complex web of insurance policies to safeguard their projects, teams, and assets. General liability insurance, errors and omissions (ENO) insurance, bonding requirements, workers’ compensation, and builders risk insurance are just a few of the policies that form a crucial safety net. Each of these comes with its own set of considerations and costs, and as we’ll explore, the landscape is shifting.

Builders Risk: Assessing Risks During Construction

One significant insurance component in the construction world is builders risk insurance. This policy is designed to protect builders and contractors during the construction phase, covering risks associated with property damage and on-site materials. However, recent trends indicate a substantial increase in premiums for builders risk coverage.

Inflation’s Ripple Effect on Premiums

The construction industry is grappling with inflation on multiple fronts, and insurance is not exempt. As the costs of building materials, labor, and other expenses continue to rise, insurance companies are adjusting their premiums to account for the potential higher costs of rebuilding or replacing structures.

In the past, insurance coverage might have been based on the initial job cost. However, considering the current climate of inflated construction costs, insurance companies are factoring in the potential higher reconstruction costs. This shift is evident in the increased premiums across various types of coverage.

Evaluating Premium Increases

Builders and general contractors renewing their insurance policies might find themselves facing higher premiums across the board. General liability insurance, ENO insurance, workers’ compensation, and builders risk insurance are all witnessing premium hikes. This means that builders are not only contending with rising costs in the field but also grappling with increased fixed expenses that need to be distributed across future projects.

Builders Risk and Specific Project Policies: A Closer Look

Builders risk policies tailored for specific projects are also experiencing a surge in premiums. These policies, sometimes categorized under inland marine insurance, cover the risks associated with materials and structures during construction. The higher replacement costs for labor and materials, coupled with increased liability expenses, contribute to the escalating premiums in this domain.

Emerging Trends: Non-Renewals and Cyber Liability Insurance

In a surprising trend, some builders are facing non-renewals from their existing carriers. This means that the coverage they relied on in the past might no longer be available, leaving them in search of new providers.

Additionally, with the growing reliance on technology in construction, builders are exploring cyber liability insurance. Protecting building plans, sensitive information, and online communication has become paramount. A cyber attack that locks down systems can halt construction projects for weeks, underlining the need for comprehensive coverage.

Navigating the Insurance Marketplace: Strategies for Builders

Builders looking to navigate this shifting landscape are advised to proactively seek insurance quotes earlier than usual. Shopping around can uncover potential cost savings and allow for a more informed decision-making process.

Moreover, builders might explore options such as adjusting deductibles or adding umbrella policies to mitigate premium increases. Collaborating closely with insurance agents and brokers becomes crucial in determining the most suitable coverage options amidst these evolving challenges.

Share Your Insights

As a builder or industry professional, we invite you to share your experiences and insights in the comments. How are rising insurance costs impacting your construction projects? Are you exploring new strategies to manage these challenges? Join the conversation and let’s collectively navigate the changing tides of the construction insurance landscape.

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